Low FODMAP Diet Staples

When you're planning to start the Low FODMAP Diet protocol you need to get prepared!  You'll find that eating on the fly is not as easy as it once was, and dining out can be very difficult.  Here are my Top Low FODMAP Diet Staples in no particular order:

garlic oil

Whole garlic is not allowed on the diet, and it is hard to cook without it!  Enter garlic oil, a simple little recipe that allows you to enjoy the flavor of garlic without eating FODMAPs.


chicken stock

Most commercial chicken stocks have added FODMAP ingredients (like garlic, onions, etc.).  If you can find Progresso Tuscany Chicken Broth or Savory Choice Broths, you're set, otherwise you can make your own.


pickled carrots


Firefly Kitchens makes these delicious carrots!  I was so happy to discover these at Whole Foods Market in Seattle, but you may be able to find them elsewhere.  I was missing my salty, pickly things (which often contain garlic or other FODMAPs). They are great on tacos, with burgers, or added to stir fries.

roasted vegetables

I make a big batch of these at the beginning of the week so I always have something easy and delicious on hand.  Make the cilantro pesto sauce while you're at it.



Eating out is definitely very challenging on the low FODMAP diet, so it is nice to know that most sushi is safe.  Choose very plain sashimi or nigiri.  Watch for rolls that contain anything with mayo (likely to have garlic), extra sauces, or tempura.  Or make your own sushi rice bowl at home!


(Notes: Anything other than silken tofu is fine.  Be sure to keep the serving size of avocado to 1/8 of a whole).