Healthy Eating

Easy Weekday Cooking

I was inspired by an article in Bon Appetit which described cooking with a "mis en place" style.  It involves prepping on Sunday with sauces/condiments/vegetables that can get you through the week.  There is nothing novel here in the approach of readying large batches of food, but the idea of a weekly sauce is new.  I started with the Miso-Tumeric Dressing and Nori Mayonaise.  With rice, a protein, and sautéed vegetables, it was a delicious and easy meal that we enjoyed for dinner and then again for 2 lunches.  The Nori mayo, however, will not be made again in our house...way too strong and it looked very unappetizing by day 2. 

Next up for this coming week: Momofuku's Ginger Scallion Sauce